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Evangelist and Women’s Ministry Leader - Denton
Jeff and Kelli Smith
Jeff and Kelli serve as Evangelist and Women’s Ministry Leader for the DFW Church. They currently lead the Denton Worship Center. Jeff received his Bachelor's degree from Texas State University and will have his Master's degree in Missional Leadership from Rochester University at the end of 2020. Kelli also graduated from Texas State University with a degree in Human and Family Development, with an emphasis on mental development.
These best-friends have been married since 2009 and have three incredible daughters. The Smiths have served many ministries around Texas, and are very experienced in campus/college ministry. Some of Jeff's hobbies include searching for the perfect cup of coffee, cooking delicious ribs, and educating his daughters on what "good music" sounds like. Kelli's passions include all things Disney, constructing memorable crafts, and reeducating her daughters on what "good music" really sounds like.
Ministry Leaders - Northwest Campus Ministry
Chris and Kelsey Garrett
Christopher and Kelsey currently serve the Campus Ministry in the Denton Worship Center, where they were originally reached out to and baptized in 2015. Chris and Kelsey are high school sweethearts. After graduating, they both moved to Denton for college. Christopher has a degree in Political Science from the University of North Texas; and, Kelsey has a Bachelor of Science in Child Development from Texas Woman’s University.
In 2017, Chris and Kelsey were married and began working as part-time interns for the Campus ministry. In 2019, they were given to opportunity to pursue their dream of working with the Campus ministry full-time, and now lead the ministries at their alma maters, UNT and TWU. They enjoy living in the eclectic city of Denton with their mischievous cat, Ari. Kelsey’s hobbies include baking, fish keeping, and crafting. Christopher enjoys reading, video games, watching movies, and being a devoted catdad!
Elder and Elder's Wife - Denton
Paul and Tamara Sheldon
Paul and Tamara serve as an Elder/Elder’s wife for the Denton Worship Center. Prior to arriving in the Dallas area in 2001, they served in the San Diego, Colorado Springs, San Antonio, and Austin churches in numerous leadership capacities. They were baptized in San Diego in 1989.
The Sheldons have been married for over 30-years and have two daughters: Lauren, who along with her husband, Byron, serve in the Central Worship Center; and Lacy, who along with her husband, Zack, serve in the Seattle Church of Christ. Paul is currently a partner in the Plano office of the Quilling Selander Law Firm. He retired from the U.S. Army in 2015. Paul and Tamara love spending time with their family, traveling, and trying to play golf!

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