True Love is ... Standing Together in Difficult Times.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We are living in a difficult time. The horrific murder of George Floyd, the senseless killings of Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, along with the numerous deaths before them, bring to the forefront once again the overwhelming need for change in this world.
Our hearts break as we write this because we know many of you are hurting, angry, frustrated, fearful and even struggling with despair. The world is an ugly place. To be honest, we don’t know what to do or what to say. All we do know is, God has the answers, He will reveal His will to us and in the meantime, we need to love to the best of our ability even though with all the challenges sometimes we aren’t sure what that looks like.
Our Sunday service was recorded earlier in the week and addresses a few of the current events but we would like to spend more time as a family talking about these issues on a deeper level. During our midweek Zoom meetings this week, we will host a corporate lament in our Worship Centers. We want to give a voice to the pain and suffering along with an opportunity for all of us to grieve together. Denial is not the answer. We must face the pain before moving forward. We wish we could be together in person to grieve and comfort one another. However, we know God can work miracles even through the pandemic and all the restrictions. Our prayer is that every disciple will feel the love and comfort of Christ and in return offer that to others. 
After many hours of conversations addressing these events, as well as how to shepherd our congregation, we are finding it helpful to have varying perspectives and experiences to draw upon as resources. We welcome your ideas and as God reveals things to us more information will be forthcoming. We love you all dearly and believe it is an honor and privilege to be with you. Love, Todd and Patty

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