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As a church, we are starting a journey through scripture where we will explore the three persons of God, YAHWEH and the people, Jesus and the people, and the Holy Spirit and the people. We will use a platform called Thread to help us navigate this journey.
Thread is a podcast about finding our place in God’s story. We invite you to follow along with Dr. David Pocta and Hannah DeSouza as they guide us on a journey through the Bible, exploring how the biblical narrative can transform and inspire us to live a life of fullness in Christ..   

Thread is more than a podcast. and the Thread Podcast App are designed to provide immersive and integrated resources for churches and their members to experience new levels of depth and unity. Each week’s podcast topic is integrated into the life of the church through daily devotionals, small group discussions, family devotional ideas, liturgy, and more. We envision deep and holistic teaching that has the power to transform ministries through the work of the Spirit. 

Watch this video to learn more about Thread

Download the Thread App

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In partnership with CHORD, the DFW Church has full access to the Thread App for all of our members. Reach out to your worship center leader to receive your free access code. 


Starting Point - Watch Trailer
Episode1: Our Image of God
(March 4, 2024)
Episode 2: Why Story? (March 11, 2024)
Episode 3: Why Spirituality? (March 18, 2024)
Episode 4: The Story of Our Faith (March 25, 2024)
!World Created Badge.png
God's World Created - Watch Trailer
Episode 5: Creation & Beauty (May 12, 2024)
Episode 6: Seasons & Rhythms
Episode 7: Light & Darkness
Episode 8: Becoming Fully Human
Episode 9: Human Limitations
Episode 10: The Flood
Episode 11: Babel
The Encounter Devotional Book is designed to help you have a mountain top experience with God. It includes 15 days of devotionals before and after your personal retreat.
Our Congregational Teacher, Michael Burns, created a study guide for the Psalms of Ascent to help us go deeper during the first 15 days of Encounter.
Watch this video to learn more about Encounter and what you will experience on your personal retreat with God. 
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