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In an attempt 

to express our deep gratitude for your loving support


we are sending you these 5 amazing workshop classes!

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A schedule of the workshop classes & their minute markers on the recording:

Class 1:

Homosexuality & the Bible

Can You Be Gay and a Christian?

Presented by Guy Hammond

(0:00 min mark)


Class 2:

Female Sexuality & SSA

Understanding the Basics

Presented by Ellen Radcliff

(48:20 min mark)

Class 3:

The Slippery Slope of Compromise

College & Young Professionals

Presented by Sean Cutting & Morgan Roberts

(1:41:00 min mark)


Class 4:

Parent & Family

Presented by Steve & Deb Bowen

(2:34:00 min mark)


Class 5:


Entendiendo Lo Basico

Presented by Rolando Gonzalez

(3:29:00 min mark)

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